How I Work

Some people I work with are coming to therapy for the first time; others are returning to delve more deeply into issues they wish to resolve on a more profound level. I draw upon a variety of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral techniques, more than a decade of professional clinical experience, and many years of working in the corporate world. In both individual therapy and couples/marital counselling, I help people to:

Relieve depression and anxiety
Increase self-esteem
Shed destructive behaviors

Adjust to new environments
Overcome isolation
Create and maintain satisfying relationships

Identify and achieve goals
Learn effective interpersonal skills
Find satisfaction in their work

Resolve marital and family problems
Work through gay and lesbian issues
Cope with illness and loss

Discover the roots of difficulties
Enhance strengths
Loosen the grip of guilt and shame
Employee Assistance Services
The Hague (Den Haag)
The Netherlands
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