As a native English-speaking therapist working in The Hague, the focus of my practice is on counselling expatriates. Many members of the expatriate community, both native and non-native English speakers, come to the Netherlands to conduct their professional lives in English. I am well acquainted with the issues expats face here. Relocation to a foreign country, isolation, relationships, work, family, health, finances, hopes for the future or pain from the past – all impact our self-image, our mood, and our energy.

Perhaps the stress of living in a new environment complicates your life. Past events and feelings may hinder your progress. You might feel ready to make some important changes. There are points in each of our lives when we need help. Psychotherapy provides a map and route. Working together, our focus is simple but challenging: to identify your goals – a destination -- and to assess how to get there.

As a therapist, I combine well-honed clinical skills with empathic warmth. I see therapy as a process in which we learn from the past to make more satisfying choices now – to create a fulfilling future.

My practice is located in downtown The Hague, easily accessible by public transportation. For those who travel frequently, I have the capability to conduct sessions via Skype.

To discuss scheduling an initial consultation, please phone me at 070 360 2673, or email me at fishbeing@aol.com.

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